"Drs. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman are extraordinary pioneers, leaders, and healers who represent the future of medicine."

Dean Ornish, MD


"Words can hardly describe the pleasure I feel in seeing clinicians like Drs. Pulde and Lederman succeeding in transforming the health of their patients. They are going out on a limb to save lives in a medical system that is too often hostile to simple nutritional solutions. If I were sick, if one of my loved ones were sick, these are the doctors I would trust. Take their advice and take back your health… "

T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Author of “The China Study” 


Drs. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman’s NY Times Best selling  book, “The Forks Over Knives Plan” is “the prescription you need to live a long, healthy life.” 

Sanjay Gupta, MD


“Matthew Lederman and Alona Pulde are the doctors of the future…” 


John McDougall, MD, founder of the McDougall Program


People spend many hours/years searching for answers to help with various life events, sadness, loss and despair. Anytime spent in a bookstore brings you to the realization that the aisle with self-help books is always crowded. I too have spent hours searching for support, reading and listening to webinars etc but I have never felt as hopeful and supported as I have after sessions with the team at Kinectin. In a very short period of time, I have felt hopeful and empowered by their wisdom and empathic guidance. As a result of their skill I have been able to navigate some very tricky, emotionally loaded situations. The Kinectin team brings honest concern, emotional safety and a style of listening and support that allows one to gain clarity regarding situations and concerns. They also enable one to feel successful and capable of making personal changes, both large and small and the knowledge and comfort enabling one to move into an arena that promotes personal health and well being. During and after a session together, one moves forward with a sense of calm, a sense of mastery and above all a sense of newly discovered wisdom…one can breathe again. I have never felt as hopeful, empowered and now, though this is an ongoing process, I finally have a true sense of peace. Thank you Kinectin!

M.L. Denver, CO


My sessions and work with Kinectin have not only helped me become more deeply connected with the people I care for most in my life, but also more connected to myself, my needs, and my feelings. This is truly a gift that has enriched my life and brings me great joy and happiness. I am incredibly grateful to have found such caring and compassionate teachers to guide me through this lIfe-changing program.

E.N. Centennial, CO


I have been practicing better communication for about a decade but haven’t before experienced Matt’s uncanny ability to speak right to someone's heart and create instant connection. I am now generally a much happier, kinder and far less resentful soul than I knew could be possible. When I try to explain to someone what had happened working with Matt, it is still quite challenging. The best way I could describe it is that I experienced some form of non-linear learning where it went beyond understanding in my mind to getting it more in my body. It’s like the difference between understanding in my head on how to ride a bike versus getting the concept of balance in my body. At age 5, I stopped regularly falling on my bike as I learn to better balance. Today, I make that same distinction, and continue to master balance no matter whether I am surfing behind a boat, skiing on powder snow, or blasting 100 plus mph on my motorcycle.   When I get that felt sense of balance, it profoundly impacts the amount of peace, joy and self-expression available for me. Similarly, Matt’s teachings provided an access to autonomy, self-trust and self-respect allowing me to connect to both my own heart and other people’s hearts in almost any situation in the world. Despite sometimes still “falling” when I put my heart out there, Matt has helped me embody the skills to get back up and actually connect more deeply with myself and others. I love living my life more with this empowered confidence. I invite you to take the ride with Kinectin and give yourself the opportunity to experience all of the new joy and flow that can show up in your life as a result!

M.L., Long Beach, CA


“I’m realizing I’m from a rare breed that had a completely happy childhood. My parents supported and loved me through the thick and thin my entire life. I thought when I became a parent that I would naturally not have to work to do the same. Fast forward to a strong willed daughter and I needed tools to help me understand her better. I had one session with Matt and he role played some very specific scenarios that opened my eyes. After our session together, I wondered if what he showed me was even parenting? Everything I had been raised to know and understand is that as parents we are the ultimate authority and basically our children need to be raised to know that. I also said to myself that this world is tough and we need to raise kids that are self sufficient. Hardly anyone is going to take the time to talk out every single situation and make sure they feel heard at work when they are grown up. On the other side of my mind, I was carrying a sense of huge relief imagining being with my children in this Kinectin way. I truly want my kids to know and understand that they are the most important thing to me. I want them to know that I will stop and talk through anything with them. That I am their safe zone and they can know that truth is something I would never get mad about. In fact, I receive that from my husband so why wouldn’t I want to give that to my children? I began to implement the Kinectin process in our home and the change has been monumental. The tantrums have been minimized and peace has been restored to a place for which I have always wished. Children want to feel heard and Kinectin’s process for connecting with them, both the good and the bad, and embracing them in a way that respects and cares about both my needs and my children’s needs (not one OR the other), is the solution for a happy family life.”

T.B., San Diego, CA