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Never Let Go of Your Love

Kinectin with my daughters today on the way to school, here’s what I did:

Sitting in the car with my daughters this morning, I played the song, “Won’t Let Go” by Jamie Commons:

I was explaining how the song was about not letting go and halfway through stopped to say “I want you both to know that just like the song says, I will never let go of you. No matter how many mistakes you make I will never let go of my love for you.” I saw them both smile and melt. Then I asked, “What about me? Will you never let go of me and your love for me, no matter how many mistakes I make as your Dad?” They both lovingly said, “Dad we will never let go of you.” And now I smiled and melted.

Feeling super connected, we played the rest of the song and when it ended I said, "“That is what this song means for us, every time we play it, we are reminded that we will never let go of our love for each other no matter what.”

This today made our lives more wonderful. Give it a try!

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